Architectural Review Property Restrictions

HOA CCR Bylaws. Property Restrictions begin on Page 8. (click to view pdf)

In accordance with the HOA CCR Section Paragraph 2.10
Committees. The Association shall establish an Architectural Committee and such others committees as provided in the Certificate of Incorporation and Bylaws.

The Architectural Committee shall exercise all of the rights and powers reserved herein to the Declarant once those rights have been transferred pursuant to the provisions of  paragraph 5.6. If, for any reason, the Architectural Committee is not establish or operation. Those right and responsibilities shall be exercised the Board of Directors.

3.2 Improvements and Alterations; Plans and Specifications; Approval. Except for construction by the Declarant, no building, fence, wall, or other improvements or structure, including mailboxes, shall be commenced, erected, placed, moved or maintained upon the Subject Property, be made until the complete plans and specifications showing the precise and exact nature, kind, shape, height, set-back, materials, color and location of the same shall have been submitted in duplicate to and approved in writing (by the Declarant as more fully described below) as to harmony of external design, color and location in relation to surrounding structures and topography and conformity with the design concept for the improvements. Declarant may waive this requirement, at its option, by written authorization upon the terms and conditions set forth in said writing.

Storage Building / Shed Requirements
Detached storage buildings are permitted so long as the structure conforms to the exterior requirements contained in Section 3.4 of the HOA CCR Bylaws and the roofing requirements contained in Section 3.7. It being the intent of this provision that the storage building conform exactly to the original home. Any storage building that does not conform to these requirements must be completely hidden from the street and any adjoining property owners.

Driveways; Sidwalks, Mailboxes Requirements
All Lots shall have a four foot concrete sidewalk across the front of the Lot (and the side of the Lot on any corner Lot), which sidewalk shall lie within six feet of the curb and adjoin to any existing sidewalk on adjacent Lots. All driveways must be of concrete construction. Mail boxes shall be of brick constructions.

Roof Requirements
Roof’s may be of wood shingles or shakes: slate, clay or concrete tile; built-up with stone covering; or “approved” laminated type composition shingles with weather wood color.  “Approved” laminated type composition shingles shall be limited to those which carry a UL class “A” fire rating, UL wind resistance rating against winds up to 60 MPH, and manufacturer’s limited warranty for not less than twenty five years.

Fencing Requirements
All fences shall be of wood, brick, rock or wrought iron construction and may not exceed 72 inches in height. All fences must be maintained in good condition with no visible holes or loose or missing pickets.

No Garage Conversions
Garages may not be structurally altered as an extra room addition of for the purpose of any residential or commercial use. The sole exception shall be that a garage may be converted for the purpose of a sale showroom, however, such showroom must be restore to a conventional garage prior to residential occupancy.