CC&R Consolidation Information

The Rock Creek HOA would like to update our Declarations and By-Laws.

Rock Creek was developed across 7 sections (Section 1-6, and Rock Creek Estates). Each section has their own CC7R, and there are some differences in the language across each section.

Rock Creek HOA Board is working to consolidate all 7 of these CC&Rs into a single CC&R document.

The primary reason for this is uniformity of Declaration and By-Laws for all the sections of Rock Creek and Rock Creek Estate in the Association. We know many homeowners have found specific rules they feel should be changed across the entire neighborhood and having a single CC&R that covers the entire neighborhood would help to simplify the process.  Please be advised that the Board does not have the power to change or modify in any way the rules and regulations contained in our governing documents. Such changes require an amendment vote approved by ¼ of the homeowners in each section of the Association.

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Frequently Asked Questions – CC&R Amendment

What is a CC&R?

Covenants, conditions, and restrictions, commonly called “CC&Rs” are a set of rules governing the use of a certain piece of real estate in a given community. For example, a CC&R can regulate the type of fences around a house, whether or not street parking is allowed, and what improvement projects can be performed to homes in the community.

What do I need to vote at the Annual Meeting?

Only the homeowner can vot to ammend these documents. Renters or someone who is not listed as the homeowner per the Title documentation is not able to provide a valid vote.

Will need to bring a valid ID, that notaries can use to validate the voter is the homeowner.

Can I mail in a ballot?

Yes, the voting period will be 60 days starting March 28th, 2023. A mailed in ballot must be notorized and postmarked by May 27th, 2023.
Ballots must be mailed to: 
Rock Creek HOA
1326 Fretz Dr.
Edmond, OK 73003

Can I vote at any other time?

Yes, voting must be completed by May 27th, 2023. There will be additional community events where the option to submit a voter ballot will be take place. 

What's changing in the CC&R's?

There are currently 9 different CC&R documents and 2 Bylaws that provide governance to the 7 different sections of the Rock Creek neighborhood and HOA. We are voting to allow a consolidation of all of those documents into a single CC&R  and Bylaw that all 7 sections of the neighborhood will use for governance. 

The Draft of the changes can be viewed here. (

The current CC&R Documents can be viewed here.  (


Do homeowners have to follow the CC&R?

Yes, every homeowner who purchased a home in Rock Creek signed paperwork at closing that stated they would agree and abide by the rules of the established CC&R’s for the Rock Creek Home Owners Association (HOA).

Additionally every Rock Creek homeowner is automatically a member of the HOA. 

Where can I find the sections of the neighborhood?

What happens if 1/4 of homeowners do not vote for the changes, before the 60 day voting period expires?

If there are not a total of 1/4 of the homeowners per section (See Table above) who submitted a valid ballot in favor of the change. A second vote meeting would be called and the needed qourom of voters would drop to 1/8 of the homeowners per section.