Kelsi Dr Work Update & Jacob Dr (southbound) Entrance Temporary Closing


UPDATE: Due to the possible upcoming rain, Silver Star Construction is waiting to start milling and the Jacob Entrance closing until Monday November 7th.

We will begin milling operations on Kelsi Drive again next week on Thursday, November 3rd and will conclude Friday, November 4th.  The milling machine will be onsite the day prior (Wednesday) and we will be closing the Jacob Drive entrance to SE 5th St, but not the exit. Residents are urged to enter the neighborhood via Noah Drive (east of Jacob Drive) but will still be able to exit Jacob Drive.

We will be milling from where we left off at, just north of SE 6th Circle to the center of the island between the Jacob Drive entrance and exit, and the entrance will not have a ramp, hence the entrance will be closed. SE 5th St will have a ramp for access for residents to travel east and west along the street. Residents can expect once the milling is complete for workers to begin the demo of curb & gutter, driveways, mailboxes and then we will undercut to the required depth. Shallow utilities have been a constant issue along with utilities that the locators just haven’t been able to locate, but we will work through these issues as we encounter them and as quickly as we can. Our desire is to rock up and compact the roadway as quickly as possible before any rain to keep residents out of the mud. We have had some issues with the subgrade being a little soft, but that was the lowest elevation of the road and was expected and we’re thinking we will see less of that as we progress.

As always, if there are any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to inquire.

Thank you,


Bradley Adams

Project Manager

Silver Star Construction

Office #: 405-793-1725

Cell     #: 405-317-4255